Our Organization

Meet the Team

The Arbiters management team is stacked with high ranking Neo Tokyo members, who have recruited dozens and dozens of seasoned pro players to compete in various Web3 Esports tournaments.

Management Team


Ranked #1 out of 2000+ Neo Tokyo members, an avid gaming enthusiast and challenger with more than 10 years of experience in the Web3 space.


#46 Ranked member of Neo Tokyo, a very successful development and tokenomics advisor who has a deep understanding of gamification and gaming in Web3.

Ray Art

A well known streamer, who succeeded on Youtube and Twitch with a focus on gaming and art. Been in Web3 since early 2021 and has been a Neo Tokyo Elite from Day 1.

“Good Friend” Alex

Elite Citizen of Neo Tokyo, immersed in the gaming scene for over 17 years, dived into crypto gaming in 2021 with enthusiasm for the creative possibilities behind Web3.


Former pro gamer with a background in business, finance and investment management. Passionate about all things gaming including blockchain / Web3. Elite citizen of Neo Tokyo.


A Chemical Engineer who started diving deep into Web3 in 2021. Has helped build multiple successful communities, spent years gaming & watching esports, now excited to connect both industries together.

Matt Steffanina

Elite Citizen of Neo Tokyo who’s been in crypto since 2017. Influencer and producer, with over 12M followers on Youtube and 4M on Instagram. Had a gaming deal with Facebook, and has done motion capture for many video games including Uncharted 4.



Legendary CS pro gamer and founder of the professional esports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas which accumulated over $6.7M in prize money till date.