Our Proud Partners

Partner with us to make a difference in the world of Esports as we pioneer the beginning of the metaverse and Web3 gaming revolution. Explore our partners and contact us to find out more.

Dogami Logo

Dogami is a joyful mobile-first play-to-earn game that is centered around 3D NFT dog avatars. In essence, gamers can engage in four main activities in the ‘Petaverse’: adopt, play, earn, and socialize. The overarching objective of the game is to develop the rarest and best dog. Dogami offers attractive play-to-earn mechanisms, most notably in-game play-to-earn rewards.

Syn City Logo

SYN CITY is the first ever Mafia Metaverse. The Mafia is simply nothing without its members, and for that reason, we are introducing the revolutionary MAFIA as a DAO (MaaD) system. Players can grind in daily events, PvE, PvP, and Syndicate events such as cross-chain Mafia wars. Join a syndicate and run businesses, taxing your underlings and paying tribute to your bosses.

Artemis Logo

Building the world’s first decentralized mobile-focused social NFT platform. Launching soon first on Solana, Artemis will be a mobile focused experience with a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Developing their own in-app social community, offering an end-to-end NFT experience for creators to directly connect with their communities, and for users to discover, discuss, share and showcase NFTs, anytime and anywhere.

Age of Tanks Logo

Age of Tanks is a 3D turn-based strategy card game, set in an immersive metaverse, where players can assemble their preferred tanks, build their tank teams, outwit opponents, and rule the battlefield. Age of Tanks is the flagship project of Defination studio, a gaming startup proving itself to bring blockchain gaming to new qualitative and users engagement levels. 

Froyo Games Logo

A multi-chain GameFi infrastructure that gives a rise to the transformation of gaming and esports ecosystem into the Metaverse on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Froyo Games aims to not just create a platform but also will play an active role in the curation of content on the platform, the upkeep of the codebase and the development of new exciting ways to implement gamified finance into existing and new technologies.

Volcan Forged Logo

Designed as an easy-to-play and easy-to-build ecosystem, Vulcan Forged is a community-based project that promotes the development of world-class blockchain games by supporting developers through its development programs, incubation and crowdfunding. For blockchain game enthusiasts, Vulcan Forged is a one-stop-shop where they can access popular games and a huge NFT marketplace to buy and sell digital assets in-game.

Banger Games Logo

Banger Games is a gaming ecosystem that connects and rewards players, icons, brands, and publishers through a revolutionary currency for completing objectives within the gaming industry.Blockchain based platform and NFT exchange. Banger Games will give back ownership, control, and monetization to the gamers for the first time. With the aim to create a global gaming currency and resolve a problem that has existed within this industry for far too long.

Waifu House Logo

World’s first NFT DAO backed by physical cash-flowing assets, consisting of 9,999 algorithmically generated Waifu’s living on the Ethereum Blockchain! Aiming to capitalize on the exponential growth of 2 emerging markets by developing a unique intersection between them: NFT’s backed by Anime entertainment assets. Anime experiences are scarce and most NFT projects provide little value. Waifu House simultaneously addresses both of these issues.


Auki is on a mission to reinvent augmented reality with a universal positioning system and NFTs to make sure you see real objects in real places in real time. We’re building advanced peer-to-peer positioning protocols and AR cloud infrastructure to enable a new era of spatial computing. AUKI makes products that allow people to CREATE, OWN, INHABIT and INTERACT with virtual worlds and objects anchored in reality.

Blowfish Studios Logo

Blowfish Studios is an indie games developer and publisher – making fun and exciting games for virtual reality, consoles, mobile and PC. Everyone at Blowfish is driven to create fun and enjoyable games that all types of people will play. We strive for technical and artistic excellence, all while building relationships with our clients and partners. All working together to create games that compete with the best in the world for many different gaming platforms.