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In it to win it.

Crypto gaming has been gearing up and growing rapidly over 2021. We believe 2022 is going to be the year where everything really takes off. There will be insane opportunities to connect with new people, make life changing money, and actually influence the future of gaming. We intend to be the first movers as an organized collective, to establish ourselves as the biggest and best in crypto gaming.

Arbiters Esports is a group of highly successful people in multiple different areas of crypto. After seeing all the possibilities that this market offers, we decided to build our own structured organization. Something that benefits not just us, but also helps the next generation of builders and movers get into this rapidly developing scene. Aiming to become the biggest brand in Crypto Gaming, to influence the future of gaming and help normalize crypto and the possibilities it brings.

How will we achieve it?

We will attend every major Crypto, NFT, and Play-To-Earn gaming Tournament in 2022-2023 and beyond. Arbiters Esports will bridge the gap between the BEST Esports Professionals and the BEST NFTs and their asset holders to make itself and its partners the strongest contenders in these Tournaments. We will make a name for ourselves as the biggest legitimate Esports Organization in Crypto and we will be the best positioned for the next wave in Crypto Gaming.

If you’re a player, we can help you make meaningful connections within the crypto scene, as well as use our resources to help you get into the biggest crypto gaming tournaments without having to buy an NFT entry for thousands of dollars. If you’re an asset holder, we can connect you to professional gamers to make sure your NFTs get used to their full extent in Tournaments.

If you have some kind of skill, connection or resource that you would like to share with us to build Arbiters Esports, please reach out to our Team!