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Arbiters Esports is an organization formed by a group of very passionate crypto entrepreneurs, with the goal of establishing the biggest and best Esports org in the Crypto, NFT and Play-To-Earn gaming space.

In 2021, crypto gaming saw a massive spike in growth, adoption and builders actively creating projects in the space. We believe 2022 is going to be the year where that influx of new players, investors and builders leads to real mainstream attention and acceptance of the scene, which will bring amazing opportunities for anyone well-positioned to act on them.

We saw games like Axie Infinity and Defi Kingdoms in 2021. Opportunities like these have been able to make players enough money to quit their jobs and provide for their families- just by playing the game on a casual level. Imagine what will be possible once we start seeing more large-scale gaming Tournaments that attract mainstream attention to this currently small niche.

Arbiters Esports is the first and most well-organized mover within crypto gaming. We will turn heads and show the world the great opportunities that have brought us where we are now.

Our first target: the Meta Tournaments. This is a multi-game competition for the Neo Tokyo NFT and gaming project.

The first Tournament currently has a $1m+ prize pool and is directly partnered with Twitch, G-Fuel and Animoca Brands (the biggest company in crypto gaming right now).

It will be broadcasted on the front page of Twitch, and big names are already joining. From a business perspective, this will be your chance at earning a huge amount of exposure and establishing yourself in the growing space, as well as a chance to share in the prize pool.

Arbiters Esports is currently actively building and recruiting players, partners and advisors who are interested in helping us build something real together.

If you are a player interested in joining us, please send us an email telling us about yourself and your experience to!

For business inquiries please reach us at