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Progress, progress, and more progress.

It has been a very eventful two weeks, and a lot has happened within Arbiters Esports and its team. There has been a lot of interest and excitement in what we are creating here so far, and It has been amazing to see all of your positive reactions. For that, the Arbiters and their team have one thing to say:

An organization like this is reliant not only on its amazing players, partnerships and sponsors, but also on the community that reaches out and interacts with us, building a group of enthusiastic Web3 Esports supporters.

Now, let us take a moment to overview what we have achieved in the past two weeks. Buckle up, there is a whole lot to go through.

  • Syn City
  • Vulcan Forged
  • Auki
  • Banger Games
  • Dogami
  • Froyo Games
  • Blowfish Studios
  • WaifuhouseDAO
  • Artemis
  • … and more to come.

It’s truly amazing to see the collective belief in the future of blockchain Esports from brands that are already establishing their roots strongly into the blockchain gaming scene, the potential for great things is here, and it’s up to all of us to become the pioneers and pave the way in this new wave that is coming.

On January 17th, we hosted our very first tournament with our partner Syn City, where we welcomed over 700 players with close to $5.000 in prizes, including a Syn City NFT, as well as guaranteed offers to become contracted as a player for Arbiters Esports. The tournament was a success and we managed to see a lot of interesting plays and surprises.

Right now, we bolster many high rarity NFT resources, as well as a diversified, skillful team of players. Some of those professional and signed to play for us, a few with a big following behind them. All of them ready for any challenge we may throw their way. Our structure is becoming more and more solidified with each passing week, and we don’t have the intention of slowing down.

The Meta Tournament is already on the 22nd of this month and it will be yet another busy week for the Arbiters. We will be seeing you there soon.

That’s all for now, thank you!